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Daisy Trade Exports- Imports has been offering comprehensive, client-centric and affordable exporting a plethora of Pharmaceuticals, Beuty and Health, agricultural and oil products. During our service offerings, we have always ensured that the services rendered are extremely affordable and bring value to our patrons. This client-first approach that we have interwoven to the very fundamental service philosophies have helps us keep our client happy, satisfied and cared for with each transaction.

Despite being the most value-adding company to the clients in the export business spectrums, we have never waned down on the quality. We have kept our networks with only the best raw material providers to warrant our clients not only the best price but also the quality of the products we export. In fact, two of these fundamental values—quality and affordable pricing—have helped us carve out an exclusive space for our brand in the export community and circles across the world. Over the 5 years, we have fostered a strong team that looks after everything from procurement of raw materials, production, packaging and shipping to ensure that the quality benchmarks we have established do not stay merely on the papers but are in action. Further, the team ensures that the consignments are always on schedule. They are also endowed with the required tools and means to offer the clients with the needed paid samples and quality checks according to the specific requirements of the clients.


Over the 5 years, we have learned and realized that quality is the fundamental element that decides the existence of any business. We have taken this learning and insight into our heart and created a unique and operation-specific quality system helping us ensure impeccable service offerings to all our clients. As such, we have an experienced team of quality professionals who monitors all the transactions that happen in our business to warrant top-notch service deliver to all of our clients at all times.

We have a wide plethora of quality systems and techniques in place monitoring all kinds of business operations to offer our clients nothing but premium products and matchless service deliverance. With the help of the relentless efforts of our clients, their watchful eyes and vigilant actions, we are able to offer products with uncompromised quality and value for money.


Leaving our clients happy and satisfied with the products we deliver is the most important mission we commit ourselves to ceaselessly. We aim to create the best, unparalleled customer experience with each and every product we deliver so that clients are left delighted for having associated with us. One the things we actively indulge in to make sure our clients are satisfied with our products is that we associate with some of the best and established players in the industry to deliver the products we offer. Apart from the internal quality systems and monitoring techniques we have in the business, we adhere to even the most stringent quality benchmarks established in the industry at the global level.

In order to provide our clients with the best products and see smiles of utmost satisfaction bloom on their face, we have kept our rates at affordable levels. This provides our clients with maximum value for the investment they make with us. The growing list of satisfied and returning clients we have from across the world looking to augment the number of consignments and size of the orders is the spotless testimonial we have to convince our future clients.

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