About us

Need To Know More About Us

Daisy Trade Ltd

We are a private company in Istanbul that was found primarily to promote and facilitate commodities exports and import from the entire world. The company possesses the necessary strength and connections to procure process and supply a wide variety of products. The company applies ethical business practices and ensures both parties in the supply chain including Buyer and Seller benefit from their activity by helping them to sustainably access external markets.

Our values

We aim to have a diverse product portfolio with deep commitments towards product quality, safety, consistency, and utmost reliability. We are dedicated towards establishing long-term business relationships by maintaining a high level of integrity based on the exceptional performance in our product offering and the careful management of our supply chain.

Our Mission

To offer quality products to our global network of customers by integrating up-to-date technologies within the entire supply chain and working closely with our logistics partners to ensure timely delivery in a cost effective manner.